Authentic Entertainment is working with Zoe, Mariel, and Cisely Saldana’s Cinestar Productions to develop an American adaptation of the unscripted Israeli television series MothersThe original series follows six prominent mothers, each with a different lifestyle and approach to motherhood, in a transformative social experiment. Authentic and Cinestar are taking the Mothers out to U.S. buyers starting this week.

“This format reached out and grabbed me, and it was the same for the Saldana sisters – immediate love for the boldness of the format,” Authentic CEO and co-founder Lauren Lexton said. “It’s part documentary, part social experiment and part juicy soap opera. You just can’t stop watching.”

The Saldana sisters added: “We’re proud to be part of this amazing project, which offers a compelling glimpse into what it means to be a mother in the modern world. Mothers is incredibly watchable TV programming, but it equally serves as a platform for empowering women.”

Saldana has been in major blockbuster films such as Star Trek Into Darkness, Guardians of the Galaxy, and most recently starred in the controversial biopic Nina, about around the life of the legendary singer, artist, and activist Nina Simone.  She recently starred in the feature adaptation of Joe Kelly’s graphic novel titled, I Kill Giants alongside up-and-coming actress, Madison Wolfe, and was last seen on the big screen in Star Trek Beyond.  Saldana is currently producing a feature documentary titled Gone Missing, exploring the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls of Canada, and will be reprising her role in the upcoming Avatar 2 this later summer.