Insecure star, Yvonne Orji, and writer, speaker and cultural critic, Luvvie Ajayi, have joined forces for a new podcast entitled Jesus and Jollof. The comedic podcast will explore their experiences, relationships, aspirations, and more as first-generation Nigerian-American women.

Orji and Ajayi told OkayAfrica what can be expected in the first season of the podcast, stating, “The first season of Jesus and Jollof explores our stories, as Nigerian women who grew up in the United States. Being artists was not the plan, but how did it happen for us? From hilarious discussions about our squad to the pains of the glow up, we bring our hearts and humor to Jesus and Jollof!”

The two say that ‘Jesus and jollof’ are two things they cannot live without. The first episodes of Jesus and Jollof were released on July 11 and a new episode will be posted every Wednesday.

Be sure to tune in and check it out HERE!



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