Yetide Badaki wants to turn the world of Alice in Wonderland upside down. The American Gods star has written a script and is looking to launch the project off the ground through crowdfunding source IndieGoGo.

The script is for a short film titled Wonderland, a reimaging of the classic story that sets it in the world of the Hollywood film industry. The IndieGoGo web site synopsis describes it as exploring” the duality of Hollywood magic — its enthralling quality as well as the more sinister undercurrents.”

Badaki is writing, producing and starring as Zodwa, the film’s Alice who works as a part-time waitress at a diner. One day, Zodwa gets called in for an unexpected audition and is thrown into a strange world were there normal rules don’t apply.

Galavant’s  Karen David will also produce and star as the Queen a vicious casting D=director, while actor Dominic Burgess will take on the human equivalent of hookah smoking Catepillar, David Craps.

The film sets out to highlight the darker underpinnings of Hollywood, looking at issues such as the unbalance in power dynamics and how it applies to gender and race. The campaign page surmises, “We want people to leave this film recognizing the Wonderland hiding in our everyday life. This movie is our collective lucid dream. By recognizing the absurdity of the situation we can begin to enact change.”

Badaki is trying to raise $30,000 for the film project. There are a variety of perks for campaign backers, from tea party greetings to executive producer credit. As of this writing, the campaign sits at $18,000 funded.  Click HERE to support this campaign, and check out the campaign video below!



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