Kimberly Steward, the producer of the Oscar nominated film Manchester By The Sea, and the second black woman producer to have her film nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture (second to Oprah Winfrey), has contributed to up coming web series WingChick

Created, executive produced, and written by Tonja Stidhum, WingChick follows Raven who is a late twenty-something “bougie-mixed-with-a-dash-of-hood” black girl who spends time juggling her burgeoning job as a professional dating site profile writer and a professional dating flop.  She has mastered the art of intimacy without being intimate, and often finds herself in the role of the best friend, the confidant, or the wing woman for guys that she would rather be dating.

Raven’s male partner-in-crime is Michael and their relationship is your typical “sexual tension splattered all over their faces, but somehow they don’t own a mirror” situation.  As Raven navigates the ins and outs of dating in addition to the gray area that she finds herself in with Michael, leads her to a whirlwind of shenanigans and self-discovery.

Stidhum’s goal is to increase the visibility of quality images revolving around the stories of black women on screen.  The series will be produced through Stidhum’s production company, Girl I Guess Productions that was established in 2015.  According to Stidhum, she aims to create a space filled with “Black Girl Magic and beyond!

Kimberly Steward has only been working in Hollywood for a few years, and is already making her mark.  In addition to supporting up and coming content creators such as Stidhum, she has been able to forge strategic relationships with some of the most influential producers, distributors and financiers in the industry.  Through her company K Period Media, she aims to discover diverse new voices and launch the careers of next-generation talent, on both sides of the camera.

This is the type of news that we love to share!  We look forward to more work from Steward as she continues paving the way for future generations of black women behind the camera in film and television, and we look forward to following the progress of Stidhum as she begins to makes her mark on the industry.

For more information about this project and to contribute, please visit the indiegogo site HERE.



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