A few months ago, it was announced that Queen Latifah, Jessica Chastain, Juliette Binoche and Catherine Hardwicke will sit on the advisory board for an all female non-profit organization titled, We Do It Together.  The goal of this organization is to produce and finance films, and other media related projects that empower women.

“One of the problems a filmmaker has, and more so as a woman, is the loneliness. As a man, it’s hard, as a woman, it’s impossible.  We Do It Together is a movement, is a network to help each other. We have to produce our first feature and then little by little, we will address what can.” – Chiara Tilesi, We do it Together, Founder

This week at the Cannes Film Festival, the newly formed organization has announced its first feature film titled Together Now, which will be a collection of seven inspiring short films starring well known and established actresses such as Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and Juliette Binoche (Godzilla).  All shorts will be directed and produced by women.

Melina Matsoukas (Beyonce’s Formation) is one of the directors who  have signed on to this project in addition to Robin Wright (House of Cards), Catherine Hardwicke (Plush), Katia Lund (All the Invisible Children), Patricia Riggen (The 33), Haifaa al Mansour (Wadjda), and Malgorzata Szumowska (Elles).  The film will be produced by Carol Polakoff, Shelby Stone, and Chiara Tilesi, and production will begin in July.

“We are not here to take down the studio system; it’s a fool’s errand. If there’s affirmative action in terms of insisting that there are 52% of women in jobs or films, I don’t think that’s the answer. You have to create a new model.” – Carol Polakeff, Producer

The group’s advisory board includes some of the most powerful women in Hollywood including Queen Latifah, Jessica Chastain, Juliette Binoche, Catherine Hardwicke, Robin Wright; Jodie Foster; Diane Warren; Valeria Golino; Leonor Varela; Victoria Alonso; producers Keri Selig, Lucas Akoskin, Paula Vaccaro; CAA’s Cameron Mitchell; and attorney Orly Ravid.

In an industry where limited exposure and opportunity have been given to women in entertainment, a project like this is exciting and extremely important.  We look forward to experiencing a gradual shift in the current outdated Hollywood paradigm.