WATCH: Issa Rae Discusses ‘Insecure,’ South Los Angeles & More

Issa Rae sat down with Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys video series to discuss the beginnings of Insecure, how she yearned to make South L.A. “sexy,” and the dynamics of “hybrid T.V.”

“I knew that I wanted to have a show set in L.A,” exclaimed the Golden Globe-nominated HBO series star and co-creator to a packed room at the DGA Theatre last month. “I wanted to highlight specific parts of L.A. that I hadn’t seen demonstrated in the most positive light in the last couple of years and wanted to make South L.A. sexy,” she said.

Rae also talked about the series and how it doesn’t necessarily fit into a genre box. “Nothing’s straight comedy, nothing’s straight drama,” Rae noted. “In drama there are always elements of comedy. In black culture, you are always trying to laugh through the sadness, and it’s a testament to the experiences that we go through.”

There is something in Insecure for everybody, as Rae noted that even women who didn’t look like her at all saw something in Rae’s character on the series.

Insecure will return for its second season this summer on July 23! Until then, you can check out Season 1 on HBO GO, HBO Now and elsewhere to catch up on the freshman season!



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