WATCH: First Time Director Mel Jones Debuts ‘Leimert Park’ Trailer

We are beyond excited to learn that first time director Mel Jones has released a trailer to her upcoming series, Leimert Park!

Set in the Los Angeles’ neighborhood of the same name, Leimert Park revolves around three friends who share a house in South LA’s Leimert Park. Despite being married, beats-maker Mickey hasn’t had an orgasm in three months, Bridget mistakes sex for love while assisting a visiting artist and Kendra shoots videos of her numerous sexual encounters, hoping for her own art show.  The series stars Ashley Blaine Featherson, Ashlí Haynes, Asia’h Epperson, Wade Allain-Marcus, Franz Latten, and Ikenna Okoye.

Jones shared that one of her motivations for creating this series is to change the narrative surrounding the depiction of black women in the media.  She shares, “one issue that I have with the portrayal of African-American women in the media whether it be reality television or scripted we are either the preacher’s daughters, the preacher’s wives with no sexual life at all, or we are the video hoes, and my three girls Mickey, Kendra, and Bridget, they exist in the spaces between.”

According to Essence, the series is somewhat autobiographical as it was inspired by Jones’ real life experiences.  Jones adds, “I’ve been mentored by and partnered with Stephanie Allain at Homegrown Pictures for seven years and she encouraged me to create this show which was my authentic story to tell.  Aaliyah Williams, who runs digital at MACRO, heard this story before it was even a script and championed the series and advocated for me as a first time director. I’m forever grateful to both of these incredibly supportive women.”

The series will premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival as it was chosen for the Indie Episodic, Shorts and Special Events program, a new program that reinforces the festivals mission to showcase and support independent voices.

We are looking forward to the release of this fresh new series!  If you will be attending Sundance this year, be sure to add this project on your must see list!