WATCH: First Shonda Rimes-Directed Film on Representation For Dove

Dove launched Real Beauty Productions earlier this year with Shonda Rhimes on board as creative director. According to Dove, the beauty brand – which is celebrating its 60th birthday this year – launched the production studio to “expand the definition of beauty by putting the power of storytelling into real women’s hands.”

In its first film, Dove tells the story of why Meredith started Fat Girls Dance and how she continues to use the power of dance to make herself and others feel more beautiful.

Each week, Meredith and other members of the Fat Girls Dance squad learn a choreographed dance and then post it online, encouraging other women to do the same. In the film, Meredith says that she started the movement as a “radical act of fearlessness that, in my opinion, shouldn’t have to be that radical.”

“It almost immediately went viral,” she says in the video. “There were plus size women everywhere who were like, ‘whoa, i’ve never seen anything like this before, and you are helping me deal with issues with my body.’”

The film was directed by documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus, and was produced by an all-female crew. Check out the film above!



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