Warner Bros Pictures announced that the studio will be launching the Warner Bros. Emerging Film Directors Workshop next month in efforts to address the diversity issue in Hollywood.  This incubator aims to give access to underrepresented talent, and will to showcase their work to the film community after a nine-month intensive fellowship at Warner Bros.  Five filmmakers will be chosen for the class.

The WB Emerging Film Directors Workshop provides an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to gain an education and experience in the studio filmmaking process.  Through the program, the Studio will also have the opportunity to continue its tradition of working with and nurturing the talents of the best emerging filmmakers. Over the course of the program, each participant will have the resources and funding to produce their own original short film. The entire production process will be structured to mimic the feature production process, so that participants have the opportunity to craft their stories utilizing every aspect of studio filmmaking, from pitch to post. Enrollment is open to all candidates.

In the workshop, participants will pitch, write, or work with a screenwriter, and develop a script for a short film that’s three to 10 minutes long and budgeted at $100,000.  Once they have a final script, filmmakers will work with physical production to prep, create a budget, cast, shoot on the lot and edit with a full post production process. Warner Bros. will cover all production costs and salary for filmmakers for the duration of the fellowship.  At the end of the workshop, participants will screen their film in a film festival that will be held for agents, managers, producers and film executives.

Participants will also be partnered with a Warner Bros. Pictures executive mentor as they work through the entire film production process, from pitch to final cut and premiere.

Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production at Warner Bros. Pictures, came up with the plan and spearheaded the program, which has been in development for about two years.

“Our Emerging Film Directors Workshop continues Warner Bros.’ commitment to being the industry’s most talent-focused studio.  There are so many bright, creative individuals at the threshold, who just need access to bring their vision and voice to a bigger audience. By providing that access, as well as a professional network and funding for a short film, Warner Bros. will play a small part in developing the next generation of great storytellers, whether they work in film or television, at our studio or elsewhere.” – Greg Silverman