Last night an advanced screening of the upcoming TBS comedy series The Last OG took place at SXSW followed by a Q&A with the legendary comedian Tracy Morgan and comedy superstar Tiffany Haddish.

During the panel, Haddish shared that her experience on the Oscar stage with fellow actress/comedienne Maya Rudolph was like an audition for the “ultimate job.”  She continues, “I thought we were getting paid for that presentation and when I found out that we weren’t getting paid, I asked about a gift bag…”  Haddish added “I would love to do something like that (host the Oscars), that would be a dream come true.  I know my father would be extremely proud if I got to do that…as long as I got a paycheck.”

Until the call to host the Oscars comes, Haddish is gearing up for the debut of The Last OG, in which she stars alongside Tracy Morgan in his first scripted television comedy since 30 Rock.

The Last OG revolves around Morgan who plays an ex-con named Tray who gets out of prison after 15 years to realize his old life, and Brooklyn, has become unrecognizable.  Haddish stars as Shay aka Shannon, the love of his life who is now living with a white guy (Ryan Gaul), raising the twins he never knew existed.  The series will showcase how Tray and Shannon fit into each others’ new lives as Morgan’s character finds his way in this new, foreign world.

When asked how she got the role in the upcoming comedy, Haddish shared that she auditioned, and wasn’t sure if she was going to get the role.  She added, “Jordan (Peele) was telling me about the project, and my manager brought the role up to me.  I told my manager that I wanted to audition, and I went in and gave 110%.  At first they were a little afraid that I would be too goofy and silly and wouldn’t be able to pull off a serious role like this.  When I walked in the room I could tell that they just considered me as ‘funny girl Tiffany,’ and they weren’t confident that I would be able to portray this all the way, but I brought it.  I went in…and I brought it.”

Haddish then addressed how she honed her writing skills overtime, and talked about the importance of being authentic.  “Everyday I was writing.  Never be afraid to try new things.  That’s when you are going to get the best material.  That’s why I got on Groupon.  Everyday, I was trying new experiences, and every week, I was doing something different.  She continued, “It’s hard work being fake, but it is amazing to be yourself — Just be you.  It’s scary sometimes because you may be afraid that people are going to hate on you, and they will hate.  When somebody is hating on you, that just means that you made them feel something and you did your job. Who you are is probably a reflection of the majority of society.  When people say you shouldn’t, that’s when I think I should.  Always remember this.”  

The Last OG premieres April 3 at 10:30 p.m. on TBS.  Be sure to tune in!