Emmy Award winning actress Taraji P. Henson will lend her voice to a special hour long installment of The Simpson’s on Sunday, January 15th, 2017 at 8pm/7c on FOX. 

The one hour episode titled “The Great Phatsby,” will revolve around Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer) as he tries to relive his glory days, and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul.  After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the music producer with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James (Keegan-Michael Key) and the mogul’s ex-wife, Praline, voiced by Henson.

The hour-long episode will be the first episode over 30 minutes in the history of the iconic series.  The closest that the series has come to an hour long episode was in the 1995 “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” episode with the first part airing as the season 6 finale that May, and resolution arriving several months later with the season 7 premiere.

Last year, Henson became the third African American woman to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a television drama in the 73 year history of the award ceremony for her role as ‘Cookie’ on the Fox hit series Empire.  In addition to her role on one of the most popular series on network television, Henson will be starring in the upcoming film Hidden Figures, where she will play mathematics genius Katherine Johnson, a physicist, mathematician, and space scientist who contributed to America’s aeronautics and space programs with the early application of digital electronic computers at NASA.



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