WATCH: Thoughtful Short Film ‘The Psychological Evolution Of Fckboys, By Onyx Colbert’ Written by Nakia Stephens

Once again, Nakia Stephens and Damn Wright Originals have created a thoughtful, introspective, short film that in its brief run time manages to speak to a variety issues in the black community, particularly for women working in academia. According to the official synopsis, a Ph.D. candidate’s unique dissertation topic (the titular The Psychological Evolution Of Fckboys By Onyx Colbert), is mistakenly underestimated.

The film highlights a young Black woman fighting against the prejudices of being an “unconventional” PH.D candidate in order to speak her truth. The short features great performances by the fierce Deja Delina and the magnetic Barin Nelyse as Onyx Colbert and Dr. Wyatt, respectively. Though not confirmed, and extra scene before the credits indicates that this may be Damn Wright Originals’ next series.

Damn Write Originals is an independent screenwriting label based in Atlanta, GA founded by Stephens dedicated to telling stories relevant to the lives and experiences of Women and People of Color.  Their other projects include Noise, Not Your Rib, Unfortunate, Forced Entry and the Cream X Coffee series.

In addition to building a budding media powerhouse, Stephens is an award-winning screenwriter/filmmaker who is devoted to telling authentic and purposeful stories.  Her work has been recognized at film festivals across the nation including; American Black Film Festival, Bronze Lens Film Festival, Black Web Fest, Black Woman’s Film Festival and more.

Take a little time out of your day to watch this film, and let us know what you think in the comments below!