Tessa Thompson has been tapped to both star in and co-produce the upcoming heist film where she will be portraying the  notorious jewel thief Doris Payne.

The film will revolve around the now-87-year-old jewel thief, who has reportedly committed countless robberies and whose criminal career has spanned six decades.  Codeblack Films’ Jeff Clanagan will also be producing after the company acquired Payne’s life rights.

Payne has shoplifted from high-end stores since the 1950s, often by posing as a well-off women who wore designer handbags and was armed with a backstory. She has used at least 32 aliases, according to a recent count, 11 different Social Security numbers and nine different passports to pull off her crimes. Most recently, in 2017, Payne was caught shoplifting $86.22 worth of merchandise from a Walmart in Georgia while wearing an ankle bracelet from a previous arrest.

Payne’s life has previously been the subject of the 2013 documentary The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne, from Treehouse Moving Images.

Thompson’s star power is quickly rising, and she has been on our radar for quite some time now.  She is quickly developing a track record for being cast to very dynamic and diverse roles.  She has appeared in HBO’s Westworld, and recently starred in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok.  She can be seen in this month’s Alex Garland-directed sci-fi film Annihilation, as well as an upcoming sequel to the 2015 film Creed, and IFC Film’s road comedy Furlough, alongside Melissa Leo.