WATCH: Taraji P. Henson Stars as an Assassin in ‘Proud Mary’ Trailer

Taraji P. Henson (Hidden FiguresEmpire) is set to star in upcoming Screen Gems thriller, Proud Mary. Henson will portray a hit woman who surprisingly find a maternal instinct through meeting a young boy, subsequently turning her life upside down.

The above trailer is set in motion to the classic Tina Turner version of the song os the same name, and opens with Henson’s Mary getting ready for her day with some exercise, a shower, and putting on some makeup. At that point, her character could just be preparing for a normal day. For all we know she could be preparing for her job as a teacher, a business woman…We just don’t know until she begins zipping and buttoning herself into head-to-toe black leather and goes into her closet to select her gun for the day.  The audience then finds out that her character is an elite contract killer for the Boston mob.

Check out the trailer above!

John Stewart Newman and Christian Swegal penned the script with Paul Schiff and Tai Duncan serving as producers. A director hasn’t yet been confirmed, though the studio is hoping to start production by April.

Henson has also been killing the game in her career. She is fresh off box office success with Hidden Figures, and Empire continues to gain steam as it prepares for it’s 4th season debut this fall.  With her role as the ever-popular, Cookie Lyon, she has earned two Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win (2016).

We look forward to seeing Henson kick some serious ass in this role!



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