Tanya Fear (Kick Ass 2) will star in Shola Ammo’s feature film, A Moving Image, scheduled to make it’s New York premier at the 20th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival on Friday, September 23 at 9:45pm.

A Moving Image examines the rapid gentrification of South London’s working class communities through the eyes of the main character Nina (Fear).  Nina is an artist who returns to her roots in Brixton, South London.  Upon her return, she sees that her once vibrant multiethnic, working-class community, has transformed into a hipster-friendly enclave of trendy restaurants and skyrocketing rents.  Faced with this new reality, Nina decides to explore the changing community through the creation of a daring work of art.  The film follows her personal and creative growth as she creates art that brings her community together while balancing the affections of two love interests living at opposite ends of her neighborhood’s transformation.

This film marks the second partnership between Fear and Amoo as they previously worked together in Amoo’s experimental science fiction short film titled Touch.

Fear is a London based actress who has starred in several popular British television shows, and recently starred in Kick-Ass 2 and appeared in the London drama series Spotless.

Check out the trailer to the film below, and be sure to attend the LA Film Festival on June 5th for the film’s worldwide premiere.  Tickets to the film can be found HERE.