Tamron Hall is set to host a new special titled Guns on Campus: Tamron Hall for Investigation Discovery to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tower Shooting at the University of Texas at Austin.  In 1966, Charles S. Whitman, an engineering student at the University of Texas, murdered his wife and his mother in their homes, and purchased numerous guns later that day that were used to gun down 49 people at the tower on campus.  Sixteen people were killed which resulted in the first mass shooting on an American campus.

“In a country with a history of more than 270 school shootings, will putting more guns in the hands of students and faculty prevent bloodshed, or be the cause of further death and injury?  Is there common ground which might provide a path forward towards school safety or will ideological opposition prevent progress?” – Tamron Hall

Over the course of the one-hour special, Hall interviews first responders and witnesses of the Tower Shooting in addition to university professors and students who have different views and opinions on the issue at hand.  Hall also brings together Virginia Tech survivor and anti-gun violence advocate Colin Goddard, and University of Nevada rape survivor, Amanda Collins, who is an advocate for campus carry, to lay out their positions behind this controversial debate on college campuses.

“Tamron does an incredible job of explaining the framework behind this complex issue.” – Henry Schleiff, President of Discover Communications

Deadline confirms that the special is produced by NBC News’ Peacock Productions. For Peacock Productions, Elizabeth Fischer, Knute Walker and Melody Shafir are executive producers, under Sharon Scott, President General Manager of Peacock Productions. For Investigation Discovery, Eugenie Vink is executive producer.



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