America’s leading true crime network, Investigation Discovery (ID) will be teaming with Deadline: Crime host Tamron Hall for an explosive new special on the dark underbelly of college life entitled, Sexual Assault In College: Tamron Hall Investigates!

The one-hour special follows Hall as she sits down with two sexual assault survivors from the University of Minnesota and the University of Maryland to hear their heart-breaking stories of survival, the pained aftermath of their attacks, and the inspiring steps they’re taking to reduce the number of sexual assaults between college students.

“Sexual assault is a truly pervasive issue sweeping colleges, nationwide – one that we cannot ignore or simply turn a blind eye to,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of ID, American Heroes Channel and Destination America. “It is our hope that this timely special, SEXUAL ASSAULT IN COLLEGE, will not only shine a klieg light on the growing number of reports of sexual violence among college students, but will also empower our viewers to demand necessary action be taken to put an end to these attacks, once and for all.”

The series, produced by Peacock Productions with Lloyd Fales and Knute Walker as executive producers, Leslie Mattingly as senior producer and Sharon Scott as president and general manager, also features interviews with key activists and experts on the topic, including Senator Bob Casey (D – Pennsylvania), who spearheaded the Campus SaVE Act designed to better educate college students about relationship and sexual violence; Mahroh Jahangiri, Executive Director of Know Your IX, an organization dedicated to empowering students to end sexual violence; and Steven Healy, a nationally recognized expert on campus public safety who specializes in sexual violence.
Others interviewed in the special include:
— Linda Walther, the sexual assault nurse who examined Abby Honold at a Minneapolis hospital minutes after her attack;
— Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney who oversaw the conviction of Abby’s attacker Daniel Drill-Mellum;
— Dr. Kristen Jozkowski, Assistant Professor of Community Health Promotion, University of Arkansas;
— Lt. Kevin Randolph, former sex crimes investigator, University of Minnesota;
— Laura Knudson, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Advocacy and Support at the University of Minnesota;
— Alanna DeLeon, a sexual assault survivor and President of Preventing Sexual Assault (PSA) at University of Maryland.

A partner in ID’s multi-platform public affairs campaign, INSPIRE A DIFFERENCE, leading advocacy group One Love will provide viewers with information and resources during a DEADLINE: CRIME WITH TAMRON HALL programming marathon leading into the premiere of SEXUAL ASSAULT IN COLLEGE. Founded in 2010 to honor the memory of Yeardley Love, One Love‘s mission is to change the statistics around relationship abuse by educating young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, empowering them to be leaders driving change in their communities.

The special is set to premiere Sunday, April 30 at 8/7c. This is a very important and rampant issue that should be brought to the spotlight more often so we’re thrilled that Tamron Hall will be taking on this project!



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