Actress Tamara Lawrance is set to star in the BBC’s upcoming period miniseries The Long Song.  Lawrance will star as a slave in 19th century British-ruled Jamaica. Following the end of slavery in 1838, July “goes from being a slave to the mother of a gentleman.”  The three-part series chronicles the events of her life and her relationship with her mistress, Caroline Mortimer, who is played by Haley Atwell.

“July relishes mutiny with wit and courage; finding ways to win in spite of her circumstances,” Lawrance said. “I believe stories like these illuminate the legacy of slavery in relation to where we are today. It’s all still relevant.”

Atwell added, “Audiences will fall in love with the story’s remarkable heroine, July, who endures on-going abuses of power with dignity and poise, surviving injustices that were devastatingly prevalent during this time and place in history. It is a story that demands to be told.”

Lawrance’s background is primarily in English theater, as she most recently appeared as Viola in National Theatre Live’s “Twelve Night.” She also stars in BBC’s “King Charles III,” a TV movie based on Mike Bartlett’s play of the same name.

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