Sydelle Noel (Netflix series GLOW, Black Panther) is set to star in the upcoming feature The Clearing.  She will star alongside Steven Swadling (Kickboxer franchise),Liam McIntyre (Spartacus: War of the Damned alum), and newcomer Aundrea Smith.

Set at the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, the film revolves around Tom (McIntyre) who, amid tensions with his wife (Noel) over the time he spends with his young daughter Mira (Smith), takes Mira on a camping trip, only to discover the impending disaster, trapping the pair.

The feature will be the directorial debut from Dave Matalon, who also wrote the screenplay, and is currently in production in Los Angeles.

Sydelle Noel is on the fast track to becoming one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Shortly after landing a small role in Ryan Coogler’s highly anticipated Black Panther film, Noel starred as Cherry Bang, one of the featured wrestlers in Netflix’s latest original series, GLOW that focuses on a group of women in 1980s Los Angeles who become the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

We are excited to see more from Sydelle Noel in the future as her career continues to take off!



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