WATCH: A Celebration of Black Women in New Documentary by Common & Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu

“I look at black women like man, there’s so much strength in there because they go through things that we not only experience as black people but being a woman and being black is another level of endurance and struggle.  I owe it…black men owe it…men owe it…the world owe it…that we lift up and respect and honor and give supreme love to black women.” – Common

Common has released a beautifully shot mini-documentary with the same title as his latest single, Love Star, where he professes his love and admiration for black women.  This 6 minute documentary features Common as he discusses the definition behind the meaning of love, his love for his mother, and also features stories and beautiful commentary from various black women on their interpretation of the word “love,” and how it empowers them in every aspect of their lives.

“I wanted to create this new way to describe the person you love.  They’re shining bright in your life, and there’s something bright and beautiful about them. That word is about the purity of love, and how truthful love could be. Like, ‘this is how I love you, girl. And I want you to know this is who I am to you.” – Common

Love Star the documentary came into inception when Common initially performed LoveStar at the 2016 ESSENCE Festival this summer. He elaborated on the project during a recent interview stating, “I know the ESSENCE Fest as a whole is all about honoring Black women but, I also wanted to honor Black women myself, as a Black man. I wanted to show that we revere and hold you high, Black woman. We love you and care for you and honor you.”

Common teamed up with filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu (In the Morning), and together they celebrated the chance to showcase more positive images of black women in the media.  “We knew we wanted to talk to real women…We wanted people to be able to see themselves and we wanted women of many different ages to be able to identify with it. So, the criteria was just wanting to point the lens at women who look like the majority of Black women versus the very specific things we are usually taught to see as beautiful.”

Check out the entire mini documentary above!