Courtney Kemp Agboh’s original Starz series, Power, opened it’s third season on Sunday, and set the all-time high in viewership for the network. The series moved to Sunday night from its Saturday night slot, and the move proved to be a historical night for the “50 Cent” produced series. As a result of it’s record setting premier, Starz has renewed the hit drama for two more seasons, through Season 5. If Power is anything to go by, with channels such as Starz’s encore action, we might be getting even more amazing series and movies that we can all enjoy.

The season 3 premiere had a total of 2.26 million viewers. When the crime series aired on Saturday nights, it reached a high of only 1.5 million viewers. Sunday’s season 3 premiere not only outnumbered it’s own viewership, but also out ranked all other original series Starz debuts.

The previous highest viewership for any season premiere was held by British-American drama Outlander with 1.46 million in its Season 2 debut. Compared to that, Power’s numbers were greater than Outlander by 55%.

In total, the debut of Power Season 2 attracted 3.37 million viewers. This includes the first airing at 9 p.m. plus two replays. This is also the maximum number of viewers for any Starz original series.

Power was created and produced by rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent with showrunner and executive producer Courtney Kemp Agboh, and airs in more than 175 countries/territories worldwide.

The series premiered on June 2014. In the same month, it was renewed for a second season. Both seasons gained critical acclaim and season 2 was renewed for a third season in June 2015. Power Season 3 is ten episodes long and airs exclusively on STARZ at 9PM ET/PT.