Numb3rs alumna Sophina Brown is set for a recurring role opposite James Wolk in the upcoming third season of CBS summer drama series Zoo. Based on the bestseller by James Patterson, Zoo chronicles a wave of violent animal attacks against humans across the planet. Brown will play Leanne Ducovny, the tough-minded and articulate CEO of a pharmaceutical firm who’s aggressively planning to change the world. Brown starred in the pilot Cruel Intentions last year and as Rayna Troy on Shark. She also starred on stage in Steve Martin’s play Meteor Shower.

Satisfaction alumna Brittany S. Hall is set for a recurring role on the third season of HBO’s comedy series Ballers. Hall will play Amber, a woman from Ricky’s (John David Washington) past. Looking at the whirlwind lifestyles and real-life problems of former and current football players, Ballers stars Dwayne Johnson as ex-superstar Spencer Strasmore, who has reinvented himself as a financial manager for today’s players in sun-soaked Miami. Hall’s recent credits include TV series Quarry, Being Mary Jane, and Survivor’s Remorse and feature Drumline: A New Beat.

In addition to Brown and Hall, Bones’ alum Tamara Taylor has booked a recurring role opposite James Purefoy on Altered Carbon, Netflix’s futuristic drama series conceived, written and executive produced by Laeta Kalogridis. Based on Richard Morgan’s award-winning 2002 cyberpunk sci-fi novel, Altered Carbon, from Skydance Television, it is set in the 25th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul is transferable from one body to the next.  Taylor will play Oumou Prescott, a very powerful, whip-smart lawyer. In addition to an 11-season run on Bones, Taylor also appeared in Party of Five, Lost and was the voice of Wonder Woman in the DC animated film Justice League: Gods and Monsters.



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