Today EPIX announced that original documentary titled Serena, is set to premiere on June 22nd 8:00pm. The feature length documentary paints an intimate portrait of four-time Olympic gold medalist and iconic athlete Serena Williams, and gives viewers direct access to what goes on in her world through personal interviews with her trainers, close friends and family. This documentary explores the pressures that come with being number one in the world, and gives us insight on Williams’ unflinching commitment and drive to succeed.

“Serena is a personal journey during which we are privileged to follow one woman’s incredible march to achieve a level of greatness that so few tennis players have achieved in the history of the sport. The film presents us with a captivating vision of this world-class athlete while offering the viewer rare insight into what makes Serena Williams the person she is beyond the court. Serena transcends the world of tennis and is sure to fascinate viewers across the country.” – Mark S. Greenberg, president and CEO of EPIX

The documentary team was provided complete access to Williams’ life, and captured the pressure that Williams faced in her quest to achieve four Grand Slams in a row, in addition to her losses at the 2015 U.S. Open and 2016 Australian Open. The film also takes an unprecedented look at Williams’ life off the court.

“2015 was a defining time in my life and career. I think my story will be relatable to audiences whether you love tennis or not. It’s a story of perseverance, failure and triumph. It’s the most intimate I’ve ever allowed myself to be on film. It was a scary but ultimately really gratifying experience, which I’m hoping inspires others to pursue their dreams. I’m really grateful to EPIX for this incredible opportunity and the care they’ve shown me. Can’t wait for you all to see it.” – Serena Williams

The documentary was directed by Ryan White and executive produced by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights).  Be sure to check it out on June 22nd 8:00pm on EPIX.