Digital content creator and star Quinta Brunson (Broke) has landed the co-lead opposite Gage Golightly in the CW’s comedic drama pilot The End of the World as We Know It.

The series is based on the 2012 Alloy book by Iva-Marie Palmer. In the show, when a prison spaceship carrying the universe’s most deadly aliens crashes in Southern California, two millennial women — Kate (Golightly) and Ruby (Brunson), with bigger dreams than working at a kids’ pizza place in the Valley — are recruited by a space cop to hunt down the escaped criminals who have camouflaged themselves as eccentric Angelenos.

Brunson’s Ruby, a hyper-intelligent, upbeat graduate from MIT, hasn’t been able to hold down an engineering job due to her interests shifting a mile a minute. Therefore, she currently works at her parents’ business, a birthday party place/pizza restaurant for kids. But with the arrival of a crashed spaceship, Ruby finally might have found her mission.

Brunson has literally done it all in the digital space in a fairly short time period.  Her scripted a full season of her comedy series Broke was was picked up by YouTube Red and she was nominated for a Streamy Award this year in the ‘Acting In A Comedy’ category.   In addition to Broke, her single camera comedy Adopted was ordered by Verizon Go90.  Brunson has produced and starred in countless BuzzFeed clips, including the viral 9 Perks Of Being Short, which has roughly 8 million views on YouTube to date, and has generated over 50 million views.

Brunson comes from the world of improv and started developing her comedy craft when she was 17 at The Second City in Chicago.  After graduating college (Temple University), she moved to LA and hit the ground running by working on a few short films, web series, while performing with her improv and sketch groups.   During this time, Brunson would perform sketches in front of her friends.  She was encouraged by her friends to put one sketch in particular, Trying to Make It Clap, on social media, and in less than 48 hours, the video went viral.  It was re-blogged on just about every social media platform thousands of times, and was picked up by numerous blogs and media outlets.  Since then Brunson’s videos have become viral sensations on Instagram where she consistently receives thousands of likes and has partnered with talent such as King Bach.  In addition to Instagram, she has accumulated millions of video views on both YouTube and BuzzFeed, and is currently a member of the BuzzFeed Motion Pictures (BFMP) Development Partners Program.



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