Pose actress Indya Moore took to Twitter to reveal her latest role in the Frankenstein inspired television series, Magic Hour. IMDB describes Magic Hour as a “psychedelic-macabre portrait of a mysterious young woman who wakes up one morning without a soul and roams the streets of Tokyo in search of one.”

The series is a part of the 200th year anniversary of Mary Shelly’s science fiction book, Frankenstein. While Moore will too be the executive producer the series, Magic Hour will also star Niclas Ericsson and Yuka Taga.

This will be Moore’s follow up role from starring in the FX series, Pose, alongside 4 other trans actors who represent stories aligned with the New York ballroom scene of the 1980s. The series air Sundays at 9 pm EST.  She previously starred in musical drama ‘Saturday Church,’ which debuted at Tribeca and picked up several awards at LGBTQ film festivals in 2017.




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