Over the past few years, there has been some debate at the Emmys as to whether Orange Is the New Black is a comedy or a drama.  The new trailer for the show’s fourth season suggests that the Netflix series falls clearly into the latter category.

Netflix has officially released the season 4 trailer for Orange is the New Black, and it’s filled with darkness and insanity just as we hoped it would be.  This season, Litchfield becomes a for-profit prison which leads to an influx of new prisoners in addition to new rules, cramped living spaces, and new guards with shorter tempers.  Despite the new arrangement, based on the trailer, it looks as if Tastee has a little power as she is seen “taking charge” of the phones in Caputo’s office, and Poussey may have finally found someone to fill the void in her heart.

We are looking forward to seeing what this new season has in store!

Orange Is the New Black will debut the entire fourth season on Friday, June 17, at 3 am Eastern on Netflix.