Nkechi Carroll’s (Rosewood) high profile legal drama Being Judged has received a script commitment from Fox!

Written and executive produced by Carroll, Being Judged centers on Josephine Graves. No one likes Being Judged, least of all Josephine, who is struggling to figure out this thing called life, while balancing her demanding career, social life, and family responsibilities. Unfortunately for her, she has to do it all under the biggest, brightest, spotlight because at 27 years old she is the youngest judge in the history of America.

The series hails from Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox TV, where Carroll is under an overall deal.

Actress-writer Carroll grew up in the Ivory Coast and England, and previously worked on Fox’s procedural Bones and its spinoff The Finder.  Most recently, she spent the last two seasons on the Fox/20th TV drama Rosewood, rising to co-executive producer.



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