The Netflix series, Dear White People, is in its 2nd season and continues to tackle relevant and important topics like racism, unexpected pregnancy, acceptance, sexuality, and relationships.

Dear White People follows a group of students as they navigate racial bias in college, and this season delves deeper into themes, exploring what happens to the African-American population of Armstrong Parker, an all-black dorm, after season 1’s protest and newspaper expose.

The series star, Logan Browning, plays Sam White who is an unapologetic advocate for justice at Winchester University.  Browning’s character has made it her duty to call out white supremacy, injustice, and oppression on radio show titled Dear White People.  Despite the fact that her outspoken calls for justice have lead her to become a target for online trolls during most of the second season, and through the death of her father, she manages to find a way to continue marching in the name of justice.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Browning shares her most challenging scene this season:

“I loved episode eight because that was our first ‘bottle episode.’ I was honored to be trusted to do it with John Patrick [Amedori, who plays Gabe]. He and I spent a lot of time together before we shot it, discussing the scenes. He has this really great backyard, with this pool house in the back, and we’d take advantage of the whole space. Sometimes we’d go inside, crank up the music and dance around. We also went in to rehearse on our day off, and that’s when we found some of the most interesting moments. I found this cool moment where my character leaves the room. Gabe says her white guilt is the only reason she does her Dear White People show, so I just get up and leave, which wasn’t scripted. I just felt like it was a needed moment for that character. She had to have a second to think about what she was going to say. I 100 percent think that if we hadn’t had that rehearsal time, we wouldn’t have had the freedom to play with the dialogue like that.”

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