Survivor’s Remorse star Erica Ash and Canadian actress Mouna Traoré are set to star in the new BET series, In Contempt.

In Contempt is an hour-long procedural set in the fast-paced world of a legal aid office in New York City. Flipping the script on the typical legal drama, the show takes away the designer suits and rich defendants and features talented and passionate non-profit lawyers fighting for society’s most vulnerable citizens.

The series follows Gwen Sullivan, played Ash. She’s an opinionated and outspoken attorney whose passion for her job and clients makes her arguably the most talented public defender in her district. Along with the complicated cases she tackles, Gwen must also manage the various personalities and challenges at the office…and at home.

Traoré will play Vanessa Hastings, a first year associate at the law firm who is surprised to learn what her job entails as a public defender.

In addition to Ash and Traoré and The cast also includes Charlie (Christian Keys), the undeserving but still newly appointed supervisor who also happens to be Gwen’s ex-boyfriend; snarky, seductive attorney Tracy (Megan Hutchings); cocky and resilient prosecutor A.D.A E.J. DaShay (Ronnie Rowe Jr.); Gwen’s father and former elite attorney Earl Sullivan (Richard Lawson); Gwen’s former law professor and the “one that got away” Bennett (Tobias Truvillion); and more.

The series premieres April 10 at 10PM ET, so be sure to mark your calendars!