WATCH: ‘Marlon’ Trailer Starring Essence Atkins

Marlon Wayans’ NBC comedy project Marlon has dropped its first trailer, starring Essence Atkins!

Marlon follows the titular character, a manic Internet sensation who maintains a boundary-crossing close relationship with his former wife (Atkins). The trailer is filled with “father doesn’t always know best” comedy fodder as he advises his daughter (Notlim Taylor) to go ham on schoolyard bullies and plops his son (Amir O’Neil) in a dumpster to earn money by scavenging bottles and cans to recycle. There is also palpable sexual tension between he and his former wife.

Essence Atkins is best known for her roles in TV comedies such as The WB’s Smart Guy, UPN’s Half & Half, and Are We There Yet? on TBS. She appeared on the first African-American prime time soap opera, Under One Roof on CBS. Her film credits include Deliver Us From Eva, Dance Flick, A Haunted House and A Haunted House 2.

Marlon premieres Wednesday, August 16 at 9/8c.



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