WATCH: Queen Latifah Reveals She’s Working on a Living Single Reboot

Great news for Living Single fans!  Queen Latifah chatted with host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this past Thursday and revealed that a reboot of the 90s hit Fox sitcom is currently in the works!

A fan called into the show asking about the success of the show, hoping to see a comeback and Latifah quipped through a wry smile, “Funny you should ask — we’re actually working on it. It’s not there yet, but hopefully we can get it happening.”

Andy asked if she suspects if it would be Netflix deal or something similar and Latifah confirmed that they’re “still figuring all of that out.”

Should it go through, Latifah could be producing a much-anticipated reunion with the original co-stars Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, T.C. Carson, John Henton, Mel Jackson and Kim Fields!

Premiering in 1993, Living Single followed six besties in Brooklyn exploring life and relationships and was one of the most popular Black sitcoms in history.  Given the recent resurgence of a Black renaissance in television content, this series will be right on time!



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