WATCH: Trailer for New LGBT Series ‘Let Nina Prosper’ Directed by Eboni Sade

New LGBT series Let Nina Prosper is a comedic web series about Nina, a creative-type without a steady source of income and Laila, the well-to-do, semi-supportive girlfriend.

The series is directed, written, and produced by Eboni Sadé who also plays the lead role of Nina. Sade received her undergrad degree from Howard University and her masters in Digital Cinema Production from The New School, and developed the idea from a short film concept about a Black and Latina queer couple dealing with the growing pains of relationships. Sadé stars in the series alongside a talented group of women including Gabrielle Alexis, Gabrielle Adkins, Devin Nelson, Rachelle Danielle, Nicole Rainteau, and Lola Simon.

“Queen women of color rarely have the opportunity to be funny on TV and in film. Yes, we go through challenges in life, we all do. But, QPOC can laugh, tell jokes, create friendships and strengthen love relationships, just like everyone else. It’s important to see that,” shared Sadé.

If you enjoyed the trailer, be sure to check out the first two episodes HERE to support this up and coming group of creators!