Kyla Pratt (Recovery RoadOne on OneThe Proud FamilyDr. Doolittle) and Vanessa A. Williams are set to star in the TV One original movie, The Secret She Kept, which is scheduled to premiere Sunday, July 10.

Inspired by the best-selling novel of the same name by NAACP Image Award-winning author ReShonda Tate Billingsley, The Secret She Kept tells the story of a prominent family that allows shame, confusion, and misunderstandings about mental illness send them down a tragic path.

Pratt stars as beautiful, high-powered attorney, Tia Jiles, who married a successful magazine executive, Lance (Gavin Houston), who is on the brink of launching a major political campaign when a pattern of erratic behavior uncovers her secret of mental illness. Tia’s illness begins to take over her mind, and she transforms into a woman struggling with bi-polar and schizoaffective disorder both privately and publicly. Determined to end the cycle of secrecy, Lance, along with his sister Beverly Kingston (Vanessa A. Williams), set out to convince Tia to resume her medication and enter treatment.

“So often, we trivialize that someone is just ‘crazy’ and we don’t recognize that mental illness is real and relevant. I wanted to show not only was this something that deserved our attention, but that we shouldn’t be ashamed to seek help. If our bodies are sick, we get help. I wanted to de-stigmatize the shame that often keeps us from seeking treatment when our minds are sick. I am grateful The Secret She Kept has been turned into a movie. While the book did exceptionally well, the platform TV One provides will hopefully get more people talking about what so many people see as a dirty little secret.” – ReShonda Tata Billingsley

In addition to Pratt, Williams, and Houston, the film also stars Kellita Smith (Z NationThe Bernie Mac Show). Eric Tomosunas, James Seppelfrick, and Rhonda F. Baraka will serve as executive producers. Alton Glass serves as Director, and Rhonda F. Baraka wrote the screenplay.

The Secret She Kept will premier on Sunday, July 10 at 7pm ET, and will encore at 9pm ET. Check out the trailer below!