We are excited to share that Kerry Washington will be joining the adaptation of the upcoming Hulu drama Old City Blues based on the Boom! Studios graphic novel.  Washington is set to star in the upcoming series and is also on board as a producer!

The story is based on the 2011 comic written by and illustrated by Giannis Milonogiannis. The book takes place shortly after 2048 in New Athens. The city is located where Greece once stood and is now run by smugglers, drug dealers, corrupt politicians, and corporations with a police force that can barely keep the peace.

The official synopsis is below:

The year is 2048. Southeastern Europe. Built on the ruins of the country once known as Greece, New Athens is a city crawling with life – low-life, that is. From mech smugglers and drug dealers, to corrupt politicians and all-too-powerful corporations, the city is at the mercy of high-tech criminals. And it’s up to Solano, Thermidor, and the rest of the New Athens Special Police to keep the city in order. When the cybernetically augmented founder of a tech corporation called Hayashi is found murdered, it seems to be just another case of cyborg persecution. But Hayashi Corporation’s strange response to the incident raises suspicion in Solano and the Special Police. The mystery they unravel will lead them straight into the wasteland of the Old City.

This is Washington’s second series with Hulu, she is also set to star in and be an executive producer on Little Fires Everywhere.