WATCH: Kerry Washington Discusses the Differences Between ‘Confirmation’ and ‘Scandal’

In a candid conversation with Regina King, Jennifer Lopez, Julianna Margulies, Sarah Paulson, Kirsten Dunst and Constance Zimmer, Kerry Washington discusses what it’s like to work for Shonda Rhimes, the current political climate, the differences between her role as ‘Olivia Pope’ on Scandal and her role as ‘Anita Hill’ on Confirmation, sexism in Hollywood, and the challenges of being an actress and a producer.

“Confirmation is really about process and participation, and how our democracy can only represent us if we show up for the process, and I’m very concerned about this election.  Things at the beginning of this election almost seemed funny, but they aren’t funny anymore.  It’s really scary.”

“One of the biggest results of the Thomas and Hill hearings is that more people participated.  More women ran for congress than ever before.  There were women on the Senate judiciary commission for the very first time and there were changes that happened because there was a national conversation about gender and race.  I liked playing these two women (Olivia Pope and Anita Hill) because they are on opposite sides of the structure.  One is incredibly empowered, and the other was at the exact opposite end of the spectrum.” – Kerry Washington

The candid and empowering conversation amongst these talented women brings many issues to the forefront that women in Hollywood are constantly battling against; however, it is beyond inspiring to hear Hollywood’s leading women openly discuss how they are constantly overcoming these challenges on an everyday basis.

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