The co-founder of Black & Sexy, Numa Perrier, is featured in the comedic indie feature film, Jerico directed by Seckeita Lewis and written by Brandon Lewis.  Jerico revolves around best friends, Jarvis Cook and Jerico Walker who live in rural Mississippi during the Jim Crow era (1944-1964).  On the morning of the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they begin a dangerous, yet comedic journey for advancement.  With all the elements of the Jim Crow south against them, including a lynch mob hot on their trail, Jerico makes an unlikely, yet heroic decision in an effort to save their lives.

The Los Angeles Sentinel reports that Numa plays Sweet Georgia Perkins, a character she describes as a feminist who provides some much needed comedic relief in the period piece which takes place in the Jim Crow South.

Perrier has built a successful career by foregoing the traditional Hollywood route and paved her own way as a content creator on the web outside of the studio system.  She is an actress, artist, writer, and filmmaker who starred in and wrote for the Black & Sexy hit web series The Couple which eventually landed a development deal at HBO with Spike Lee attached as Executive Producer.  Perrier is also responsible for developing, producing, and writing highly acclaimed web series such as Roomieloverfriends and Hello Cupid (both licensed by BET), Yellow, Minute Man, and more.  Perrier is currently in development for her script Jezebel which will be her feature film debut.

Jerico can be seen at the San Francisco Black Film Festival on June 17th and at the Macon Film Festival (July 21-24).  Check out the trailer below.



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