It is almost impossible to have access to social media in addition to the numerous digital platforms that exist without having heard of the talented content creator, writer, and producer Jeanine Daniels. If you are not familiar with her by name, you are certainly familiar with her work. Daniels is one of the founding members behind Black & Sexy TV, and is the creative genius behind many of their most popular web series such as That Guy Series, That Guy Movie, Becoming Nia, and The Couple (currently in development at HBO). Her work has accumulated over 1.35 million views collectively, and even with all of this success under her belt, she is just getting started.

Many artists have made numerous sacrifices to turn their dreams into reality, and Daniels is no different. She left her downtown loft, a steady paycheck, and employment at a major network for the sole purpose pursuing her passion and creating content that she believes in.  With the understanding that real change happens when people of color take the reins by creating their own stories, Daniels is on a mission to generate new, fresh, engaging, and entertaining content for her dedicated, loyal, and supportive fans.  Towards the end of 2015, she formed a full service production company, Nine27Entertainment,  and instantly hit the ground running.  Earlier this year, Daniels was the only woman chosen by TVOne to produce a short segment called Change Agents for Black History month, and is already gearing up to make a mark on this industry with four projects on her development slate.

Determined to change the narrative for people of color in Hollywood, Daniels has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to grow the resources needed to further her mission of developing honest and “unapologetically creative” content. Daniels is committed to creating, producing, developing, and selling content across all platforms that accurately depicts people of color, and is working towards eliminating stereotypes that are often seen in mainstream media.

As an artist, you create from your heart, from a personal place, and that’s the most important part of what we do, and why we do it. If people decide to like whatever you create, that’s just a bonus. – Jeanine Daniels

For more information on how to donate to the campaign please click HERE – Collectively, we can change the narrative!



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