WATCH: Jada Pinkett Smith On ‘Red Table Talk’ ‘Girls Trip’ & More

After starring in the box-office blockbuster Girls Trip in addition to countless other films over the past two decades, Jada Pinkett-Smith is expanding into new endeavors.

She recently appeared on Megyn Kelly Today to talk about her latest project Red Table Talk, a show currently streaming on Facebook featuring Pinkett Smith and her candid conversations with her mother, daughter, and various friends, covering topics ranging from body image to parenting.

When asked about the name of the show and the eponymous red table, Pinkett Smith called it “the table of purification” where she and her guests can bring up topics that are not so easy to talk about.

Kelly went on to ask her what led to the inception of the series, and Pinkett Smith shared, “I think at 47 I’ve come through so much.  The one thing I’ve realized in my life is that people who have had the courage to share their testimonies have become such powerful elixirs.  In the world today, we talk so about what’s happening on the outside and we don’t talk about what happening within us.”

The conversation shifted to Pinkett Smith’s daughter Willow, where they discussed her early success being a child star and the deep depression that followed.  During one of the episodes of the series, Willow described fame as “excruciatingly terrible,” and admitted that she took to cutting.  Pinkett Smith admitted she was shocked by this revelation, but said  “in that moment Willow was speaking from a place of power and as her mother I needed to meet her there.”

Over the course of the conversation, Pinkett-Smith admitted that there were dark times where she had wanted to take her own life; however, she stressed that there is a way out of the darkness. “There’s not one answer. Life is a journey to help to get us to a place of healing,” she said. “I wish somebody told me that.  I wish somebody told me that it was going to be OK.  In life we are all going have obstacles, and we are all going to have really difficult and dark times, but just keep stepping because life starts to reveal itself to you and the light will come.”

Kelly crowned Girls Trip the “funniest movie ever,” and asked Pinkett-Smith how it feels to be back in the saddle. “It feels good,” she said.  “Of course, it’s still a never-ending journey, but I now feel that I am more of who I truly am.”

Check out the entire conversation above!