HBO comedy Insecure is looking for a pair of passionate production assistants for its second season with the aid of a contest. Issa Rae and co-star Yvonne Orji outline the requirements for an Instagram video where two best friends have to explain why they both deserve the job.  The minute long video is meant as an outlet for friends to pump each other up and submissions will be evaluated on creativity, filmmaking chops and passion.

Moreover, the contest is intended, not just as a fun competition, but an opportunity to jump-start the entertainment careers of two hard-working, incredible individuals who would have a built-in support system with each other for the two-month-long job in the Spring of 2017.

Considering Issa Rae’s meteoric trajectory from cult YouTube star to the star of a premium cable show, it makes sense she’d be behind such a unique contest that can have such a long-lasting effect on someone’s life. It’s just awesome to see she’s sharing the love.

Video submissions must be tagged @InsecureHBO and #InsecureOnSetContest.  The contest runs until December 13th, 8 PM EST.

Good Luck!