After a five-year hiatus, Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May, and Jeanette McDuffie have teamed up with Issa Rae Productions through their production company Brown Paper Dolls to release never-before-seen episodes of the popular web series Milk + Honey executive produced by Idris Elba.  Milk + Honey made it’s YouTube series debut in October 2011, and the pilot quickly reached over 180,000 views.  The series follows the professional and romantic journeys of four young ambitious women navigating the lights, smoke and mirrors of Hollywood, and the cast features an all-star line up including Lance Gross, Boris Kodjoe, veteran actress Debbie Allen, and more.

Issa Rae Presents is known for introducing the world to ground breaking content via the web by collaborating with talented content creators of color, and Milk + Honey is no exception.  “We’ve always tried to collaborate with other artists we believe in and love. Issa is one of those people.  She’s a friend and we love her platform.  We have been talking to her about this show since we first started together.  Our goal has always been to create relatable images of people of color so other people can see that [black people] are real and multidimensional, and there will always be space for these types of stories. We want to see ourselves and we want our audience to see themselves,” says Gills.

On having the opportunities to work with amazing collaborators over the years, the trio stated, “we have always worked hard doing the things that we felt we should be doing while navigating the Hollywood jungle.  God continually presented people throughout our journey that we were able to connect with. It’s never easy, but we have always had faith that God would continue to lead the way. Stay motivated. Don’t get discouraged when people say ‘no,’ and realize you are doing this for a reason.”

Check out the first episode of Milk + Honey below, and tune into Issa Rae’s YouTube channel for all new episodes that will be released every Wednesday.