BuzzFeed News launches ‘Insecure’ After Show ‘Hella Opinions’

BuzzFeed News is launching an Insecure after showHella Opinions, hosted by BuzzFeed News Entertainment Reporter Sylvia Obell, which will stream on the BuzzFeed News Twitter account Monday nights at 9pm ET, starting August 13th.

Hella Opinions will be unapologetically black and culturally aware, and will feature Sylvia in conversation with some of the most influential voices on Black Twitter as they dive into the hot button issues from each episode.

Obell actually interviewed Issa Rae on AM to DM, where the Insecure actor dished on her first Emmy nomination, and shared a message to the #LawrenceHive.

Issa on the success of Insecure:

“The goal was just making a show about regular black people — friends, family. For me, it was about making a show that my friends and family can relate. So the fact that its touched beyond that is a surprise to me. It’s so dope that people relate to these characters – project their lives unto these characters. It’s great.”

Issa on moving forward without Lawrence:

“They have this great closure conversation at the end of season two…We were just like, he’s not in our life right now. We had a great conversation and it seems like we closed that door. We also don’t know Issa outside of Lawrence. So this was just an opportunity to explore that. Rediscovering who she is without this man in her life.”

Issa on her first Emmy nomination:

“We’re always rooting for everybody black. I’m black too. I’m already included. I’m just excited to be there. I’m excited about the number of us that were nominated and acknowledged. I’m just ready to party afterwards. I’m doing several events just that Emmy weekend just because. It’s dope that you can say you’re Emmy-nominated for two, three months because the announcements are early, and after that, you’ve got to let it go. I’m going to milk it as much as I can.”

Check out the entire interview above!

Season three of Insecure premieres Sunday at 10:30 pm ET on HBO.



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