WATCH: Issa Rae Pitches an “All-Black 90210”

Insecure creator Issa Rae must have received thousands of emails and messages from fans after recreating Friends as part of Jay-Z’s “Moonlight” video.  As a part of a campaign with New Yorker, she pitched an all-Black teen primetime soap, and we all here for it!

“I would like to pitch you a new show about black teenagers. Think 90210 or Gossip Girl for Black kids. Maybe we call it Ladera Heights, 90041. It could be Potomac, Maryland 20854. That’s the real sh*t,” she suggested.

Creating an even better story, Issa dives deeper and said, “My main character would be Lil’ Richie. You know, he’s a young, Black rich teen. He’s tired of accepting the excess.” Showing off the rap skills that keeps fans of Insecure cracking up, Issa added, “I’m Lil’ Richie, I’m so tired of being rich, there’s more to me than this.’ Bars! I just created a song. That’s the theme song.”

Although the pitch was simply meant to be a campaign for New Yorker, it certainly highlighted the lack of inclusion of black teens in television.  “I don’t think since, I would say, like, Moesha, have we followed the lives of Black teens.”  Based on our research Issa isn’t far off from the truth, and we would be beyond excited to see Issa’s version of the all black 90210 or an all black version of Saved By The Bell.

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