The new streaming network kweliTV, founded by DeShuna Spencer has announced it’s official launch!  If you are unfamiliar with the platform, kweliTV is an interactive streaming platform that shares the African Diaspora experience through dope, undiscovered documentaries, films, web shows, children’s programming, news and more.  They feature content from emerging black content creators that do not receive exposure on mainstream networks.  Although streaming has picked up steam over the past few years, there is so much work by black content creators that has yet to be showcased.

The platform launched it’s beta version in December of 2015, and is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ streaming network for those who want to see documentaries, news programs, original docu-series, and independent films that exclusively cater to the global black community.  Spencer’s goal in creating kweliTV (kweli means ‘truth’ in Swahili) is to provide a platform that showcases the many different aspects of black culture, in an attempt to change the one dimensional stereotypes that have negatively impacted the black community since the inception of mass media.  The streaming platform focuses on positive content that aims to inspire our community and people across the globe.

As of today, the platform hosts 270 films by over 100 filmmakers from all around the world, half of which are women. Their content is highly curated, with over 98% of films having been featured in international film festivals and more than half having won awards.

kweliTV now has a Roku and Apple TV app, and also supports Chromecast and Apple Airplay integration.  In addition to their new integrations, more than 50 films and shows will be released on the platform between September 1-December 31, with 3-5 new titles added every Wednesday!

We are beyond excited for the official launch of this platform, so definitely make sure you check it out, and support the mission of sharing black film from across the globe with audiences everywhere!

Check out the new website HERE!