Dear White People Season 2 is has officially recruited Master of None’ superstar Lena Waithe in a unique new role.

Waithe served as a producer for the film on which the Netflix series is based. Now, she’s returning in front of the camera for the show’s sophomore season as “bragadocious MC” P Ninny, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Justin Simien, the creator of the series, says the character is like Lena Waithe “if Lena was a hot mess,” with Waithe herself saying that she likes getting to play someone who is “really silly and crazy” and gets to “say crazy stuff.” It’ll all most likely fit pretty well in the heightened reality of Dear White People’s in-universe TV shows, which included a Scandal parody called Defamation in the first season.

Despite Waithe’s hilarious new character P Ninny, the show will mirror some of the conflicts happening for the main characters on campus. “It’s [us] having fun and making our own commentary on the state of black people in television and in culture and how that affects people, particularly our protagonists,” says series creator Simien.

This news has taken our excitement for the series to an entirely new level! We can’t wait to see how this all unfolds! Let’s get it!



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