Remember the conversation-starting documentary Dark Girls from 2011? Six years ago, Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry addressed colorism issues by interviewing the average folk and celebrities alike, invoking them to share their personal experiences. The film’s follow-up took a look at the other end of the spectrum with Light Girls. The two documentaries respectively premiered on OWN.

Now the conversation continues! Dark Girls 2 will dive deeper into the colorism and perceptions of beauty in the Black community. Though Dark Girls and Light Girls each brought the surrounding issues to light (including the heavily controversial #teamlightskin and #teamdarkskin), they really only touched the surface in the grand scheme of things. There is still so much to unpack.

Dark Girls 2, directed and produced by D. Channsin Berry, has an official title – Dark Girls: Deep, Dark and Perfect. Per Berry, “I’m concentrating more on the triumphs and the beauty on Dark and Light Skin Women and Girls. There will be still some stories of pain and heartache, because many Women and Young girls are still dealing with lack of self-esteem issues because of Colorism. The Big question is… How can Women and Girls get to the place of HEALING and become their higher selves? so, they make better decisions about their lives.” Berry strikes to focus on the “here and now” instead of the past and make sure that the subjects get to express their pain “out loud” as well as focusing on recommended solutions to process and move past the pain.

The Dark Girls sequel is currently in production and there is no release date just yet, but you can find more info about the upcoming project at the official website here!



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