Christina Moses will join season four of the CW’s hit series, The Originals.  The series follows vampire Klaus Mikaelson as he and his family become embroiled in the supernatural politics of New Orleans.  Moses will portray Keelin, a smart, strong resourceful ER doctor who also happens to be the last living werewolf of her line.  The character is described as openly bisexual, warm and unguarded by nature; however, after the rest of her family was hunted to extinction, she went into hiding and has since then avoided getting to close to anyone.  She always lives in the fear of being discovered by the wrong people.  When season 4 airs during mid-season, Keelin will have no idea that she will soon collide with the Mikaelsons.

Moses is currently a series regular on the CW series Containment, and has made guest appearances on shows such as Freeform’s Twisted and the CW’s Nikita.  Most recently she made a guest appearance on Fox’s Rosewood starring Morris Chestnut.

Season four of The Originals is scheduled to will premiere sometime next year.

Get to know more about Christina Moses in the short interview below where she shares more information about the character that she currently plays in Containment.