If you watch BuzzFeed on a fairly regular basis, or follow the latest and greatest on Instagram and Vine, you are more than likely familiar with the comedy of Quinta Brunson (Quinta B).  The multi-talented Brunson writes, acts, directs, and is essentially responsible for all aspects of the production process of her videos.  Brunson comes from the world of improv and started developing her comedy craft when she was 17 at The Second City in Chicago.  After graduating college (Temple University), she moved to LA and hit the ground running by working on a few short films, web series, while performing with her improv and sketch groups.

During this time, Brunson would perform sketches in front of her friends.  She was encouraged by her friends to put one sketch in particular, Trying to Make It Clap, on social media, and in less than 48 hours, the video went viral.  It was re-blogged on just about every social media platform thousands of times, and was picked up by numerous blogs and media outlets.  Since then Brunson’s videos have become viral sensations on Instagram where she consistently receives thousands of likes and has partnered with talent such as King Bach.  In addition to Instagram, she has accumulated millions of video views on both YouTube and BuzzFeed.

In addition to all of her success on the web, Brunson was invited to become a member of the Buzz Feed Motion Pictures (BFMP) Development Partners Program.  The BFMP Development Partners program is a partnership in which some of BuzzFeed’s best talent commits to exclusive two-year contracts.  Brunson is one of 7 Buzzfeed employees who have joined the program which is designed to help BFMP retain it’s top talent as their popularity increases.  The goal of the Partners program is to eventually lead to increased opportunities including assistance with larger projects for content creators within the BuzzFeed family.  This platform could be the what ultimately allows BuzzFeed to have the best of both digital and traditional media.

“I was talking to two other more traditional companies at the time, but they were inadvertently making it clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to write.  BuzzFeed was going to allow me to write, to continue to produce…I didn’t want to be a paintbrush for anyone else.”  – Quinta Brunson

BFMP was launched in 2014 and acts as the video arm of Buzz Feed and currently consists of three divisions: BuzzFeed Video for short-form content, BuzzFeed Live Development for mid-length serialized projects and Future of Fiction responsible for for developing long-form film, television and trans-media projects.  In only two years, they have accumulated over 3 billion video views a month, and release as many as 75 original videos a week from their studio near Sunset and Vine.

BuzzFeed has created their own studio outside of the Hollywood system; however, they are currently working with Hollywood insiders, such as producer Michael Shamberg (Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction) and actor-comedian Jordan Peele (Key & Peele), to expand their digital video footprint, and recently received a $200 million investment from NBCUniversal.

Brunson’s success with BFMP is the future of content development, and proves that there are now more options than ever to create content that reaches the masses without following a rigid bureaucratic system.

“The thing that was surprising to me was when I started to interface with the entertainment industry is…there was this entire system set up to say no to people that want to make things.” – Quinta Brunson

Many content creators have come to the realization that the digital realm allows more opportunities for creative freedom.  This realization is perfectly aligned with digital providers who are simply looking for distinctive, compelling, and innovative programming.  This is only the beginning  for Brunson, and we look forward to watching her transition into a comedy rock star!

Twitter – @QuintaBrunson
Instagram – @QuintaB