WATCH: Janelle Monae & Belvedere Vodka Present A Beautiful Future Short Film: ‘Goodnight’

Janelle Monae and Belvedere Vodka have partnered together to present the short film Goodnight, directed by Megan Park. Goodnight is part of a digital series aimed at recognizing and uplifting women directors called A Beautiful Future. The two-year project provides a platform for three filmmakers to share their perspective with the world. The collective will be comprised of films from Lacey Duke, Kirsten Lapore, and Janicza Bravo that express their idea of a beautiful future. The initiative is in conjunction with Monáe’s personal project, Fem the Future, which pushes for opportunities for women in the arts, as well as Belvedere’s mission of building and giving back to communities.

Goodnight is about a young woman who has trouble sleeping the night before her wedding, and decides to give her mom a call. We see her in various scenarios throughout the night— watering the garden, taking a bath, having a late night snack — all the while having a sincere heart to heart with her understanding mother. We soon learn the source of her anxiety, that she misses her mother who cannot be at the wedding, but the brilliant twist is when it is revealed as to why.
Monae has her own insightful vision of what her beautiful future looks like.

“When I sat down with Belvedere and we talked about the initiatives I wanted to get off the ground and what they were working on, it was clear that we had a shared vision about uplifting women, about giving opportunities to women,” Monáe says.

“It bothers me that so many voices of women have gone unnoticed. The light has not been shone on their talent. We’re frustrated. We’re angry because we don’t see women given these opportunities. This is a predominantly male-driven and -dominated industry and we have to do something about it,” said Monáe. “What we want to do with Fem the Future is to create opportunities via mentorships and opportunities like A Beautiful Future, giving three women directors an opportunity to do a short film about what a beautiful future looks like for them. And because they’re all different, we’re going to get different perspectives.

Their films are all posted to Belvedere’s YouTube channel so be sure to check them out!

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