Powerhouse director Ava DuVernay (Queen Sugar, 13th, A Wrinkle in Time) is undoubtedly one of the most influential filmmakers of our time.  She has made history in several ways, has a slate filled with upcoming projects, and takes the time to give young aspiring filmmakers advice.

DuVernay shared on Twitter an email that she sent to a young filmmaker seeking advice on making her first feature film, and it’s filled of insightful information and useful tips on pursuing a career as a director in film and/or television.

“Just came across an email I sent to a new filmmaker last year who sought advice on shooting her first feature,” wrote DuVernay. “Maybe it can be helpful to someone else out there. xo”

“Know your crew members by name. They are the lifeblood of the film.”
“Never tell an actor it was good if it wasn’t.”
“Laugh and keep a warm atmosphere. We’re making movies not splitting the atom.”
DuVernay also adds some tips for self-care while on set. That includes making sure one “hydrate[s] throughout the day.” However, my personal favorite DuVernay life hack is this one:
“Change your socks at lunch, makes you feel like a new woman.”

Check out the rest of her killer advice in the below tweet:

We are beyond thankful for Ava, and everything that she is doing for the culture!

DuVernay’s new film, an adaptation of the Madeleine L’Engle fantasy novel A Wrinkle in Time, is due out March 2018.  Be sure to check it out in theaters!



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