WATCH: The Official Trailer for ‘Are We Good Parents?’ Directed by Bola Ogun Starring Tracie Thoms

Director to watch Bola Ogun debuted her short comedy titled Are We Good Parents? this year at SXSW. The comedy revolves around Lauren and Bill, who have always assumed their daughter was gay, in the same way that most parents assume their child is straight (until given notice).

In addition to screening at SXSW, the short was also the winner of the AT&T Shape Film Awards.  Check out the hilarious trailer above!

Ogun is a first-generation American from Nigerian heritage, and was born and raised in Texas. She graduated from the University of North Texas, and was selected for the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, the inaugural 2016 class for the Ryan Murphy’s Television HALF Mentorship Program, and Robert Rodriguez’s “Rebel Without A Crew.” Ogun previously produced the Emmy campaign music video for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and Vanity Fair’s viral video “Ladyboss.”

Are We Good Parents? stars Tracie Thoms, Sean Maguire, and Gabrielle Skye Goodman. The screenplay is written by Hailey Chavez from a story by Ogun. Produced by Ogun and Tatiana Olsak. Behind the scenes, Ogun collaborated with cinematographer Ludovica Isidori, editor Meaghan Wilbur, production designer Anelisa Torruella, and sound designer Marissa Quintana.
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